bet on college football

Betting on football is a lot of fun, that’s a given, but it’s a lot more fun when you’re making money. That’s where we come in. Our mission is to get you on the right path toward success; in addition to teaching you the way online betting works, we’re going to give you some basic football betting strategies you can rely on to keep you pointed in the right direction.

If you want to learn everything from futures betting to wagering during halftime or live during the game, we’ve got you covered. We look at whether betting trends can be a useful tool, using key numbers in wagering on NFL and how stats such as top-ranked offense and defense can work to your advantage; these are just some of the key betting strategies that we’ll go over at Bet on Football.

Football Betting Online on Demand

Like most things online, signing up with a sportsbook is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes. However, before you get to that point, it would be a very good idea to put some time and research into deciding which book deserves your business. And it is a business, as you’re making a very real financial transaction every time you bet on football online. A reliable sportsbook will conduct these transactions securely and efficiently.

So which books are reliable? A quick web search will point you toward a number of online sportsbook reviews. Bodog and Bovada are two that are featured prominently in these reviews and earns our seal of approval.

We’ll get you started by telling you the qualities you should be looking for in a sportsbook, including the company’s financial health and its track record with customer service from easy deposits to quick payouts. And don’t forget to note all of the signup bonuses that are available to new customers. Getting in some free football betting right off the bat will help your bankroll get off to a healthy start.

Football Betting Lines and Odds

When you’re making the move from casual football fan to football betting legend, you have to start at the beginning. You have to know what a football betting line is and how to use it before you can learn any strategies. There are different kinds of football betting lines (spreads, moneylines, totals and props among others) that are used in different situations, as well as different ways to express the football odds (American, Decimal and Fractional). Not knowing about these is like trying to shop at a grocery store without being able to read the price tags.

Fortunately, just about anyone can pick up the fundamentals of online football betting. The important thing is to start with a clean slate and an open mind. There are a lot of football betting myths out there that must be dispelled, including myths about how sportsbooks and professional handicappers do business. Our experts will clear the air by separating football myth from fact, and giving you solid, unbiased information about the true nature of football betting.

Once you’ve got your facts straight, we can provide tips on how to bet strategically and make value picks instead of simply going with your gut. Oddsmakers create the lines with all the facts in mind. Is the team on the road? How did they play against them in a previous match? Who is injured?

However, using a variety of handicapping strategies can help you make the most for your money when you bet on football. We’ll help you understand situational handicapping (like a team looking for revenge on a blowout in the previous meeting), fundamental handicapping (such as applying quarterback’s QB rating) and technical handicapping (how teams fare at home ATS).

NFL Betting vs NCAA Football Betting

When you’re first learning the ins and outs of online football betting, you’ll find some key departure points between betting on the NFL and betting on college football. The types of bets are the same – point spread, over/under, moneyline and so on – but the games themselves are different. So are the athletes, the coaches, and especially the leagues they work for.

To give the biggest example, there are over 120 teams in the FBS (four times as many as in the NFL), divided into an ever-shifting number of conferences. This means you get a lot more opportunities to bet on college football games. It also means there are plenty of lesser-known teams in smaller conferences who are flying under the radar, waiting to be discovered by eagle-eyed bettors.

Betting on the NFL with real money has its own set of nuances and strategies. You’ll need a different approach when you’re betting on NFL preseason games than you will during the regular season. Then you’ll have to switch gears again once the playoffs have arrived. We’ll explain these differences so you aren’t leaving any money on the table when you’re betting on football.